Given our new reality, expect the unexpected. Disruptions of all kinds are a given. Take a look at our new reality to get tips on how to survive and thrive in the current climate.
Check the rear view

Day 1: Our team set up to work remotely, with convenient access to all our beloved tools and specialists to manage all essential actions for our continuity and business success. Without access to your tools, business will be frustrating and disrupted. How’s your remote work situation working for you?
Communication is key

Day 2: We had the kinks sorted out and settled into our new workflow. It was obvious I would need to contact my family and dearest ones, and because of Impagination’s foundational commitment to relationships, communicating with our team and clients was key as well. Daily team calls were a must. Next we reached out to our clients for check-ins, helping to schedule urgent communications and offering support or a trusted ear while they navigated their own transition. Were you able to contact your clients and trusted team members?
We are all in this together

Day 2: I connected virtually for the first time with my women-business advisory board to share challenges and coping tips. Cameo appearances by our pets was a bonus!
Day 3: I advocated for continuity, while volunteering to test drive the Microsoft Teams technology with IT specialist Vlad Zhitnikov from Cloud IT! on behalf of my weekly networking group. The reward – expert learning from a trusted pro. Bonus – I can confidently refer this technology. Have you connected virtually with your community yet?
Look for collaboration partners

Day 2 – 4: I eagerly brainstormed with my savvy video production colleague Vanessa Holding, Executive Producer at Arc & Crown Media to create and remotely present to 20 business owners.
Business unusual

Day 5+: It was an exhilarating launch into #BusinessUnusual, requiring agility and flexibility. Impagination believes in walking the talk. We focused on delivering these best practices along with the right-fit strategies and solutions to help our clients set up and manage their own success while it’s #BusinessUnusual.
If we can help your service-based business thrive in the current climate, or if you might benefit from a referral to one of our trusted network specialists, we are here to help.
Stay safe and be savvy!