Here are some tried-and-true approaches we’ve gleaned from print and online media, TV … and our own experience of what works best:


Share your pain point
What situations or incidents get you fired up? If poor automated messaging bugs you, like it bugs me, share your ideas about how to deal with that type of irritation, and create messaging that resonates with your ideal client or customer. (It will also calm your own rant mood 😉)


The reason pain point content works is simple: When you can relate how your product or service helps to overcome problems or calm worries that you’ve personally experienced and your prospects experience, you’re building a connection, and the value of your offer becomes clear and compelling.


Create a rave review
As social beings, we look to other people for clues and guidance on what to think about something we’re unfamiliar with. Is there is a remarkable person or brand or offering that you admire? Shine a light on what they are doing and why it’s worth raving about them. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at how they got to where they are today.


If it’s an individual you related to at one point in your life or career, share the impact they had on your vision and approach to managing your own professional development and business.


Sharing your story about your relationship with an individual or a brand that influenced your own life and career shines light on your values and the underlying principles of what you bring to others.


Create educational content
No question about it … Providing educational content builds value for your customers. Think about dedicating 25% of your content to educating your ideal client or customer; not necessarily to buy from you, but to learn what’s new or may be important to them for their business success. It could be sharing a message from a compelling book or video or speaker you’ve listened to recently.


It’s another way to develop a position of authority in your area of expertise, and improve your brand image. This, in turn, will not only be appreciated by your current customers, but will also attract more people to your business and turn those leads into future customers.


 Let them know what inspires you
“Shared beliefs and values form the heart of every successful relationship ultimately determine its success.” This quote from thought leader Frank Sonnenberg sums up our own belief that 25% of your content can originate from what’s inspiring to you or your brand.


We love our #MondayMotivation tips, selecting and illustrating quotes with our brand values in mind. These quotes do not need to be lengthy. They offer a fast burst of your brand values, without any call to action. And from the feedback we receive, our audience truly enjoys them.


Share… and share again
This is a word we use a lot… but it can’t be stressed enough! Share whatever is relevant to your audience, as often as possible. When there are upcoming changes or news items that impact your audience, let them know—even if you think they already know. If a special offer is noteworthy or may impact your clients and customers, let them know. Be their trusted source for important information.


Sell… Don’t be shy about it
10% of the time, let your community know about any of your offerings available to them – webinars, workshops, tools, events, sales, community discounts, etc.


Understanding your clients or customers helps you to sell more. The more you know about them, and what they’re looking for, the easier it is to identify opportunities to target them with appropriate offers. Looking after their needs helps build customer loyalty. In some cases, focusing on existing customers can be more cost-effective and profitable than finding new ones.


Take a news approach

What we’ve learned from newspapers and magazines: Headlines, imagery and captions are critical when creating content. In addition to the body of the message setting you up as a thought leader, images and key words convey your brand values and bolster your SEO. After headlines and story titles, photo captions are the most read body type in a news publication.


And thanks to the influence of TV news, we’ve seen firsthand the benefit of incorporating video into a content strategy. An attention-getting video – and it can be short! – helps to keep you and your brand front of mind with your target audience.


Want to Dive Deeper?

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