An intensive program combining interactive group workshops and private coaching sessions for business owners and leaders. Through this experience, you will get the tools to unlock stronger relationships, improve communication, and easier decision making.

For motivated business leaders who want more ease, success and confidence running and growing their businesses.

This is an exclusive, highly-curated, small group program, limited to 12 participants.


Business Leadership Breakthrough™


Next session starts October 2023

Group Workshops – Thursday, November 9, 16, 23, 30, 12-1:30 PM ET

Get out of my way, I want in!

Join two seasoned, in demand business experts who will help you tap into your zone of genius so you can unleash the best leader you can be.

I trust Laural’s Kolbe interpretations to help zero-in on a unique value proposition plus build alignment and efficiencies for any team.
– Derryn Shrosbree, 33 Seven
Fascinate® was so valuable to me in understanding my individual advantages and how to leverage them. I gained so much value related to how I appear to others, which has been a bit of a puzzle for me. Your candid and open approach is very appreciated, and I learned a great deal which will serve me well in my journey towards business success.
– Malcolm Gurley
, MG BPI Inc

It can feel overwhelming

If you’re like the business leaders we work with, you’ll probably reach a point where you feel overwhelmed. Maybe you lack confidence. And you’re worried about losing opportunities to market yourself or your business. It’s hard to see ourselves objectively, and we can be our worst critic. We frequently act and react using well-worn habits. Sometimes we trust others more than we trust ourselves!

Sometimes, overwhelm shows up as:

  • Feeling uncomfortable in new situations due to Imposter Syndrome
  • Appearing unfocused when second-guessing your decisions
  • Wasting time when you don’t know where to start
  • Fumbling your words when you don’t know what to say

Maybe you are thinking, “There’s got to be a better way!” And you feel stressed managing projects, staff, clients or all three! Do you ever wish it was easier? Maybe you imagine pausing to figure it out – but who has time?

You’re not alone.

Let’s break the cycle

It’s hard to be good at everything. We often find ourselves in situations where we feel we need to do everything, even when we don’t have the time or expertise.

The trick to business leadership is knowing who you are, what you are good at, and how to communicate effectively. And if you’re motivated to discover your secret sauce as a leader, you’re in the right place.

We’re thrilled to introduce

Business Leadership Breakthrough™

In just 4-6 weeks, transform as a more confident business leader.

Join two seasoned, in-demand business experts committed to working with motivated and engaged leaders and teams. We will help you thrive by tapping into your zone of genius so you can unleash the best leader you can be.

Discover how you can be a leader who makes quick, confident decisions and avoids the disappointment of lost opportunities. Understand how you can leverage your team and increase sales and revenue.

Using Fascination Advantage® helped me better understand my communication style and how others see me. It also provided insight into the communication style of others, useful when working and seeking to connect with, and persuading others. This program is fascinating (no pun intended!) and left me wanting to learn more.
– Len Bates, KUdoHR Consulting
Knowing my Kolbe™ will help me talk to my people.
– Brennan Wood, Foundry Mortgage Capital

I’ve been waiting for this!

The Business Leadership Breakthrough™ program will give you a clear understanding of the unique leadership attributes that can propel you and your business forward with:

  • Successful relationships so you can connect to build your business or career
  • Easier communications so you can avoid wasting time and energy
  • Confident decision-making so you can commit and act

Finally, a program that will give you the tools and the knowledge of how unique you are. And how to use those unique gifts so you shine with confidence as a leader.

Business Leadership Breakthrough™ program is not another Zoom classroom!


Unique Combination of Private and Group Sessions

This program combines individual private coaching sessions with interactive group workshops, delivering actionable take-aways and support specific to you.


If you are ready to shine, this program is curated to give you the clarity and focus to take on and master any challenge or passion project.


Work with two experts who bring two perspectives and powerful, scientifically proven tools that uncover the secret sauce to becoming a confident and capable leader for your team, your family or your community. Let’s help you create the leadership impact you desire.


  • What drives you
  • How others see you
  • How to navigate towards your goals and desires with confidence
My Kolbe™ deep-dive session with Laural gave me a better understanding of my strengths. I’ll be able to have better conversations by understanding why I do things the way I do.
– James Berry, TD Wealth Private Investment
Hilda emphasized discovering who you are and taught us to enjoy the process of self-discovery. With her extraordinary background of being an HR specialist, mentor, coach, and entrepreneur, she had me convinced that with the right mindset and hard work, anything is possible.
– H ABID, J and B Engineering Inc.

Join the Business Leadership Breakthrough™ program and walk away with a crystal-clear understanding of your leadership style and how to put it into action.

What’s included:

4 weekly 90-minute Group Sessions:

Week 1. Discover the Most Confident You
Week 2. Impress Others with Your Communication
Week 3. Communicate Using Your Natural Strengths
Week 4. Your Business Leadership Breakthrough™



3 Individual coaching sessions to bring your personal and unique leadership style to life.


Group sessions will be recorded.


✔     understand your individual advantages and how to leverage them

✔     gain insight on how you can communicate at your highest value

✔     understand how you use your time and energy more effectively

✔     apply to every facet of life, from work or business to personal relationships and parenting


  • Insights from two scientifically proven assessment tools
  • In-depth interpretation from two certified experts
  • 3 private coaching sessions to boost your confidence
  • Group sharing and support

Uncover your authentic self

Learn how you shine

Take a peek inside the Business Leadership Breakthrough™ program


Four weekly 90-minute small group interactive sessions on Zoom

Thursday, November 9, 16, 23, 30,

12-1:30 PM ET

Week1 Week2
Discover the Most Confident You Impress Others with Your Communication
Uncover how your uniqueness lets you naturally shine Discover ways to put your Fascination Advantage into action
– Interpretation of Fascination Advantage® and Kolbe A™ reports – Application of Fascination Advantage®
– Managing stress
– Anthem building
Discussion, Exercises and Group Work Discussion, Exercises and Group Work
Week3 Week4
Communicate Using Your Natural Strengths Your Business Leadership Breakthrough™
Understand how to activate your Kolbe™ advantage to accelerate your success Use your Kolbe™ and Fascination Advantage® to shine with confidence in any situation
– Use your Kolbe A to impact communication and relationships – A Confident You –know how you Fascinate and how to get more done in less time
Discussion, Exercises and Group Work Discussion, Exercises and Group Work


  • 16-page Fascination® Advantage Assessment Report
  • Private Fascination® Advantage interpretation
  • Fascination® Advantage updates to reinforce your uniqueness
  • 18-page Kolbe A™ Index Report
  • Private Kolbe A interpretation
  • Private session to activate your Leadership Breakthrough Action Plan
  • WhatsApp Group for sharing, accountability, and support
  • On-demand recording library

I want in now

Your Hosts

Passionate about her clients working in their natural style to achieve results with ease, Laural Carr (she/her) takes pride in working with exceptional and acknowledged peak performers, achieving success at the top of their industries. She is an expert in helping you find more clients, shorten your sales cycle and build an A-team to generate more revenue. She is an award-winning marketer, Certified Coach and Kolbe™ Certified Consultant who wants business leaders and their teams to excel.

Laural Carr

Hilda Gan (she/her) is the Founder and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting, author, speaker, leadership and team trainer, Fascination Certified Advisor and the creator of REVUP Your Potential™. An award-winning work culture expert, Hilda is passionate about creating healthy relationships within organizations and between people. To her, communication is key, and the Fascination® Advantage is the key to unlocking communication confidence.

Hilda Gan Headshot
Hilda’s insights made me think deeply and differently about how to easily convey to others through the right style of communication.
– Theresa Martin, Willington Martin CPAs
Laural showed me how applicable Kolbe™ is in every facet of my life from parenting to work. It gave me a new understanding of how to use my time and energy.
– Rebecca Greco, Fig House Communications

Kolbe™ and Fascination® are powerful, science-based tools to help you discover how you shine at your best. You speak more authentically when you know how you fascinate others.

Leverage your natural strengths to increase productivity

Productivity increases when tasks are streamlined. Knowing how you naturally make confident decisions can simplify many aspects in business, including setting the criteria for excellent communication. When you and your team know the ideal path to success, watch your productivity and business growth soar.

Learn your Fascination® Advantage to increase your “know, like and trust” connection.

When you know your Primary and Secondary Advantages in Fascinate and use them, you will impress others.

In a world of cookie-cutter solutions, using Kolbe™ Laural truly understood our team and our business, showing us how our action styles naturally define our unique value proposition.
– John Sanchez, Nicol Sanchez Wealth
The quiz felt so quick that I didn’t think it would be as accurate as it was. It articulated what I thought others perceived of me at my best (a nice confidence booster) and I found the insight about my dormant advantage — very helpful!
– May Dong, Foundations Batch 7

The Business Leadership Breakthrough™ program uses science-based tools and expert certified advisors to help you uncover your true self so you can dazzle others naturally.

What’s Included

✔        Access to two online assessments

✔        18-page Kolbe A™ report with private interpretation and coaching

✔        16-page Fascination Advantage® report with private interpretation and coaching

✔        4x 90-minute group sessions on Zoom

✔        Access to session recordings

✔        Support and accountability between sessions

The Business Leadership Breakthrough™ will help you uncover the confidence and ability to easily take on challenges, make decisions and to readily impress others with your self-assurance.

Program Total Value: $7,525.00 CAD

Special Price: $2,525.00 CAD (plus HST)

Introductory Price: $3,275.00 CAD

Applicable taxes extra.

Be transformed into a more confident, assured leader with more effective communication and relationship skills.

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How is this program different?

This program is a powerful combination of private coaching and interactive group sessions led by certified experts who are passionate about helping others to uncover the uniqueness of everyone they coach. Both have worked with 100s of individuals. By combining two powerful assessments, you will learn your unique way of communicating and your most successful abilities to maximize productivity. As expert trainers and facilitators, Hilda and Laural use practical exercises designed to create your aha moments.

Who is this program for?

  • CEO’s, business owners, founders, leaders who recognizes that an investment in themselves will yield a powerful change in their ability to communicate, relate to others and make decisions with more ease.
  • Someone who is a lifelong learner who desires to improve themselves and uncover the best version of themselves.
  • Someone who is unsure of themselves and lacks confidence when communicating with others.


This course won’t be a good fit for:

  • Someone who does not see the value in investing in their growth and development.

How much time will this take? How long before I see results?

Results can happen immediately and over time. Your program commitment is to:

  • complete the assessment tools – about 15 – 20 minutes each assessment.
  • attend 4x 90-minute group sessions – once per week (Listen to session recording if unable to attend)
  • book and attend 3 private coaching sessions.

You will discover your uniqueness through the tools, Fascination Advantage® and Kolbe A™, coaching and group program modules. You begin to apply this knowledge immediately. Over the weeks and months, you will be more aware of this new, more confident you and you will be using lessons learned from the program in your daily communications and relationships with others.

What is Fascination Advantage®?

Fascination Advantage® is a 28-question, 5 – 10 minute, easy-to-understand science-based self-assessment tool that identifies the communication you naturally possess to fascinate others, creating great first impressions and ongoing relationships. The Fascinate Test® inspires. The Fascinate Test® is based on branding. It gives you the tools to impress, influence, and reveal your highest and best self. Think of these Advantages as your natural superpowers. When you communicate using your unique combinations of advantages, you gain the confidence to become more influential, more persuasive, and more successful.

What is Kolbe™?

Kolbe A™ Index is a 36-question self-assessment that measures a person’s instinctive method of problem solving. The resulting Index describes an individual’s natural strengths and includes a customized audio interpretation offering suggestions on how to leverage these talents to achieve greater personal and professional success.

Kolbe™ can help you reduce stress, increase productivity and win more business by uncovering your innate, intrinsic strengths and tapping into your mental energy – aka, how you naturally take action to get things done. Embracing your natural action mode saves time and energy, leading to better conversations, greater productivity, and effective collaborations to get more done. The result is scientifically proven to be unchanging over your lifetime. Isn’t it time you felt the stress-free ease of working with your natural advantages?

Got any questions? Email our team: or

Become more of who you are, naturally.

Be the best version of yourself without changing who you are.

Feel sure of yourself in your communications, relationships, and decision making.

Join Laural and Hilda and this exclusive program for leadership growth.

Only 12 spots available.

This is it – do it now!