I recently spoke to a sold-out group of business owners and executives about my perennial favorite subject, “How to Find Your Next Best Client.” In the session I walked the group through Impagination’s “10-Point Checklist to Find Your Next Best Client.” Look at the great results. Of the 50 attendees, 10 signed-up for a one-on-one consultation to learn how to maximize their insights. This is a whopping 20% response rate. It also identified the most engaged attendees in the room. So, from the 10 consultations, there were three serious prospects, a 30% response rate; plus three testimonials; several referrals and an invitation to speak to another group. Wow, that’s a powerful return on investment (ROI).


My Six Tips for Speaking Success
There are many ways to use speaking to build business, and here are six tips that helped me overcome America’s number one fear – public speaking!

1. Speak About a Subject You Know and Love
Being knowledgeable makes you comfortable in your subject. And being passionate creates excitement.

“It’s much easier to be convincing if you care about your topic. Figure out what’s important to you about your message and speak from the heart.” Nicolas Boothman

2. Deliver Real Value
Useful content that informs or transforms the audience leaves a lasting impression, and creates a demand for more. Create a tip sheet to share and be generous with your expertise.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice
Perfect your delivery in front of the mirror; record it and listen back to sharpen the timing and to infuse your words with tone and your unique persona.

“Your presentation was warm and authentic.” M Mercer, Financial Associate

4. Body Language and Appearance
It’s never been easier to videotape yourself, so use it to fine-tune body language and find your ideal presentation “outfit.” Will your audience relate more to a Steve Jobs-style black turtleneck, a suit and tie, or a jacket and jeans look?

“You wore just enough of your favourite colour red to stand out at the front of the room.” N Pigden, Image Consultant

5. Engage the Senses
Creating a larger experience means engaging all the senses. Create powerful visuals and use case studies to illustrate your message.

“I’ve learned that people will forget with you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

6. Articulation
Learn how to use a microphone to ensure everyone hears you. A singer taught me to use a microphone and how to modulate my voice to create a richer presentation. And now my favourite warm-up is to read Dr. Seuss aloud before speaking.

If you or a group you know could benefit from my public speaking, get in touch.