You may have noticed that we love the color red at Impagination. At a meeting with fellow entrepreneurs, a new contact who had seen some of our recent content asked me, “why red?” Red, a big part of Impagination’s brand, is the lifeblood that runs through so many of our communications — with good reason!

Brands have long used the psychology of color in shaping their personas. A bold blue is known to demonstrate reliability and steadfastness, while a vibrant yellow might inspire warmth and playfulness. That’s why insurance companies often opt for blue as their primary brand color.

Red, one of the most stimulating colors, represents what Impagination tries to infuse in everything we do for ourselves and our clients to create impact: boldness, strength and passion! As visual beings at our core, these are a few of the values we unconsciously assign when we see this dazzling color. It’s no wonder it was able to inspire the elites of the ancient world to spend large sums searching for more vibrant hues of red, a color symbolic of wealth and status.

We have other long-held associations with colors that you can use when positioning your brand:

Red: passion, excitement and boldness

Blue: trust, dependability, strength

Green: peace, growth, health

Yellow: optimism, warmth, clarity

Purple: creativity, imagination, luxury

More than just a way to shape perception, color also has the power to influence how we think, act and consume. A recent episode of Terry O’Reilly’s marketing podcast, Under the Influence, examined the brand colors that encourage us to buy, finding that red was most useful for action-oriented brands and even had the ability to increase the appetite. That’s powerful stuff!

What role does color play in your branding and marketing? It might be helpful to think about the colors you use in your communications: a blue button to link to a blog post vs. a green one. Use color as a tool to inspire thought and action in your clients and potential clients.

Looking for ways to convey your brand’s key messaging through color? Contact us, we can help!

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