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Impagination’s Best First Action Planner™ Tool easily helps you define your best first actions and walk away with a positive plan that really works!

Laural Carr, Founder of Impagination Inc., is an award-winning marketer, Kolbe™ Certified Consultant, and Marketing Mindset Coach, passionate about helping her clients to work in their natural style to achieve results with ease.

She created the First Best Action Planner™ Tool to help smart savvy business leaders to achieve their goals—personal and professional.

Results you can expect

  1. Increase speed and ease of decision-making
  2. Accelerate your wins
  3. Define your specific result
  4. Clarify your essential criteria
  5. Avoid pitfalls
  6. Set achievable action steps
  7. Take-away our no-fail system for maintaining momentum

The Best First Action Planner™ Tool is designed to help you discover your specific best first actions. Join our monthly small group program, or schedule a private session to work one-on-one with Laural.

Two Ways To Take Action:


Investment $49


Best First Action Planner Private Consultation

Investment $149

“I LOVE the simplicity! I will definitely use the Best First Action Planner™!”
– Greg De Koker, Chief Experience Officer, Evolution

“Thank you for the Best First Action Planner™! It will help me organize the different projects I am currently working on.”
– Sophia Levy-Presner, President at Building Blocks HR

“I know having a template to follow will be useful, especially approaching my busiest months for sales. The Best First Action Planner™ focused me to think of what has worked, what has not worked and actions I should continue to ‘always’ or ‘never’ take.”
– Alexandra Frewer, Market Development Manager, Iconic Wineries

“While reviewing the status of my goals, the Best First Action Planner™ helped me focus on key actions that I “always” need to do to push the goal forwards; what actions I will “never” do and what first action I should take to achieve the goal. This tool has really helped me keep my eye on the prize.”
– Robyn Yack, Real Estate Sales Representative

“I very much enjoyed and benefited from the Best First Action Planner™. I have begun my achievements list and have taken action on my first goal.”
– Julia Gorman, Philanthropic Advisor, VMG Consulting

“Great new perspective on assessing, project planning and progress tracking – very useful!”
– Susan Ward, Principal, Boost Business

Download this simple success tool to kick-start your best action plan for any endeavor and convert ideas and plans, or failures and frustrations into phenomenal success.