A high-quality blog with engaging content can differentiate you from your competitors. Here’s how:


1. Embrace evergreen content

Evergreen content is subject material that stays “fresh” for readers over a long period of time, because it’s continually relevant. You can put your own spin on a popular topic you know well by:

  • Listening to what your clients/customers ask about it
  • Addressing their concerns and interests
  • Speaking authentically from your own experience – being “real”


At the top of the charts for evergreen content is “how to” advice. This includes explanations and tips that:

  • Answer frequently asked questions from your client/customer base
  • Explain common industry concepts that may be confusing
  • Provide product reviews

And BTW – Instructional videos score high on the longevity chart!


Whatever format you use for blogging – text or video – be true to your brand, in tone and content.


2. Search-optimize your content

You want to make your posts highly visible to people looking for what you have to offer on search engines like Google. Search engine optimization, or SEO, moves your content up in search engine results.


At Impagination, we can guide you through the SEO steps to take, including:

  • Identifying high-ranking keywords
  • Searching for long-tail keywords
    • These are keywords or keyphrases that are more specific – and usually longer – than more commonly used keywords. They get less search traffic, but usually have a higher conversion value, as they are more specific.
  • Naturally integrating these terms throughout your content


3. Make the most of online promotion and tracking

You want to engage your target audience where they spend a lot of their time – online! At Impagination, we can help you embed a visual element on your social media posts to encourage clicks to your website and blogs. And vice versa – embed links on your website to direct readers to your social media.


And it pays off… When visitors subscribe to your email list and join you on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., they’re doing it because they’re interested in hearing what you and other subscribers have to say. They’ll chip in with their own comments, and provide feedback you can use to evolve your blogs.


Reader response is a great way to track interest and relevance. It can lead to phone calls, video conferencing and in-person meetings, all of which helps to land collaboration opportunities and build rewarding relationships.


We’re your backup!

At Impagination, we’ll support you in developing a content marketing strategy and tactics, including tracking methods. We can provide the writing/editing resources that help you capture your voice and improve the headlines and readability of your posts. And we can connect you with like-minded professionals who are on similar journeys, to share experiences, learnings and tips.


to us for a no-obligation conversation about how you can get clear and confident in your marketing via our private client Impact Formula™ or group Smart & Savvy Strategy School™ programs.


Get blogging… and ignite engagement with your brand!