Here are some tactics my team and I have found highly successful, and two we’re experimenting with, for creating better content faster, while maximizing SEO:


1. Rants and Raves

Increasingly, people are using social media, websites and online applications to share their thoughts, ideas and viewpoints. They post, tweet, blog or “vlog”(a short video) to express their opinions about what’s on their mind, which they feel may be of interest to others in that particular moment of time.

We’ve found that our audience hangs out on platforms like Instagram and Linkedin, both popular for posting commentary on a topics of interest. Look at what platforms your audience use. Sometimes posts go viral, spreading rapidly and widely between many social media users.


2. FAQ’s

Consider posting an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on your website, either as one or part of an ongoing series of posts. You spend less time writing a traditional blog, providing instead a list of questions and concise answers relating to a particular subject. For your clients, it means getting the information they’re looking for at a particular stage of their journey. Be sure to include next-step solutions for helping address the specific problem featured.


3. Curating Other’s Content

Curating content you hand pick from other brands or people you admire on social media is a great time saver. You could share a link to a blog post, create a summary of quoted advice from industry experts, or simply profile someone else’s social media post – always with credit to the originator.

The key is value. Just as a museum curator’s role is to choose the most important artifacts and artwork to display, as a content curator you’re sharing only the best content with your particular audience. Be sure to credit your sources and consider adding your own thoughts when appropriate and worthwhile.


4. Guest Blogger

Guest blogging (or guest posting) is publishing an article on someone else’s website. The purpose is to build brand awareness and drive traffic back to your own website (also known as referral traffic).

Use Google search to find the names of prolific guest bloggers in your industry. The phrase “guest post by” will reveal the sites where these guest bloggers have posted. Check that the blog owner is active on social media, to optimize your work being promoted on their site.


5. AI Copy Writing

My team and I are currently experimenting with AI copywriting, which can be a great time saver. Its software can generate engaging and SEO-friendly content quickly and efficiently. It can also use predictive analytics to optimize the content for maximum impact.

However, there are potential drawbacks to be aware of:

  • Content written by AI tends to be repetitive. It can only produce what it has been programmed to write about, and may not have the ability to diversify its content. However, the range available is expanding every minute. And evergreen content is usually more easily sourced.
  • AI and the human touch. AI content benefits from enhancement from a human writer to boose the writing with a little spice. Using your own voice to connect with your audience key.


6. Repurposing content

My team and I are also experimenting with repurposing one month’s content to be shared over the next 12 months, via newsletters, blogs, social media channels, video clips, slide carousels, link-backs to our site, etc.

We benefit from the SEO boost we get when posting multiple pieces on evergreen topics.


Let’s get you off the treadmill!

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