At Impagination we have a strong commitment to thrilling and appreciating our clients. It is because of this that I would like to thank our clients for inspiring us to constantly do our best for you. As a wonderful result, we recently won a 2016 Summit Creative Award for one of our 2015 holiday promotions. We’re extremely proud of being honoured from among 5,000 submissions from 21 countries.

Does your business have exciting news to share such as an industry award or nomination? Are you looking for the best way to let the world know, or more importantly, inform your best clients and referral networks?

So if you’ve been nominated, shortlisted, ranked or won, here are six tips for sharing your thrilling news.

Send a Press Release Generate buzz in the media with a press release. Award organizers supply a press release to make the job easier. Pay particular attention to any trade media, which is more likely to pick up your release than a daily newspaper.
Email Marketing Send out news of the award in an email newsletter, including some background details about the award.
Feature “Award-Winning” Add “award-winning” in online advertising, direct mail pieces, business cards, home page and bio to set the business apart.
Social Media Post a link on social media sites and list the awards won on LinkedIn.
Showcase the Award Display the award to ensure customers and clients see it.
Notify Participants If others are involved, share the thrilling news with them so they can amplify it by using these steps too.