It can be a truly intimidating experience selecting the headshot that captures your persona and brand. How many times do I hear clients and colleagues wince at their online headshot. And yet, it is often the first point of contact for many business people.

Did you know that your image sets an impression within 100th of a second? For this reason, I trust my headshots to professionals to capture the unique persona and professional brand of my clients. Check out Impagination’s five invaluable preparation tips from the professionals.

Five professional tips before arriving in front of the lens

1. Professional clothing must be appropriate to your role and be crisp, clean and all season.
2. Professional grooming should be crisp, clean and natural.
3. Minimal accessories avoid distraction from your face.
4. Eyeglasses should not impede eye contact.
5. Lighting that captures your facial features without dramatic or distracting shadows.

If you want to know the impression your profile picture is projecting, allows you to upload your photo for objective feedback on Competence (Smart, Capable); Likability (Friendly, Kind); and Influence (Leading, In Charge) using crowdsourcing.

I uploaded my Linkedin profile image and received a respectable score of Competent: 82%, Likable 73% and Influential 79%. After reading the Photofeeler’s blog I re-cropped my shot and improved my score with the biggest gain in likability; Competent: 84%, Likable 82%, and Influential 80%.

Original Photo Cropped Photo

Enjoy voting and commenting on headshots in exchange for credits. Try it to experience how quickly you are able to judge photos of strangers. See why your first impression is so important!

If your profile photo or other brand assets no longer reflect your business persona, contact me, Laural Carr, for a complimentary Photofeeler assessment. Or visit my Linkedin Profile to learn how Impagination can help identify your persona, your best client, and the key message that will convert your network into your ambassadors.