Your brand image is how you portray your business to your marketplace. It’s how potential and existing clients or customers think of your brand.


A strong brand image will:

  • Attract new clients or customers to your brand.
  • Make it easy for them to understand your services and products, and how you stand out from your competition.
  • Boost the confidence of your existing clients/customer base, to help you retain them.


The good news! Developing a brand image is a straightforward process


Creating a unique brand image doesn’t have to be difficult. Much of the work we do at Impagination is to help our clients with this journey. This includes:


1. Know your target audience

The more specific you are in defining your ideal clients or customers, the better you can determine what appeals to them and ensure your brand message comes across loud and clear, so that you stand-out in your industry.

2. Define your value proposition

What will you deliver to your clients or customers if they choose you? Your value proposition summarizes what you stand for, how you operate, and why your target audience should engage your services, or purchase your products. It forms the basis of your brand identity and messaging across all of your marketing materials.

3. Create your brand identity

Your brand identity is the visual aspect, the ‘face’ of your brand. It’s the first thing potential clients and customers see of your business. This includes your:

  • Design
  • Colours
  • Font
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Packaging

These elements reflect your brand’s personality, what you stand for and what you offer. They create a consistent plan to follow across all your marketing materials.

Which leads to our final point…

4. Be consistent

Brand consistency means delivering the same brand messaging, voice and visual elements in every graphic and piece of content. To be consistent is to be reliable, helping you to stay front and centre with both new and existing clients or customers.


The Payoff
Don’t be surprised if building your true brand image is challenging. But it’s worth the effort. With a strong and consistent brand image, your ideal clients or customers are more likely to pick you over the competition, because they connect with your shared values and see you as trustworthy and reliable.


Reach out to us for a no-obligation conversation about how our private client  or group program can help you build a brand image that reflects who you are, cuts through the noise and ensures you stand-out.


We’re here to help YOUR brand stand-out!