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The Art of Gathering – One Year Later

These days, the art of gathering virtually has never been more important, and involves much sought-after organizational and hosting skills. In this post, we offer 10 Top Tips for creating and leading meaningful, memorable virtual meeting experiences, no matter what size the group.

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Non-purpose flour – what’s YOUR recipe?

What’s the deal with all the different ‘flours’ available now? Which varieties do we use, and when? Can we substitute them? It all depends on what we’re making, its particular purpose, and the specific ingredients for the result our recipe calls for. It’s no different in the world of business, where every successful venture has its own recipe for success.

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Right-Sizing Plans for 2021

In this post, we share an exercise for revisiting the 2020 calendar year and assessing each major event or initiative, project or appointment to determine if it added positively or negatively to your results over the past year. If it was positive, how can it be brought forward to 2021? If it was negative, what should we do to prevent it from recurring?

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