FaLaLa Great Greeting™ Wins Silver!

Impagination’s limited-edition 2014 Great Greeting™ wins Silver at the International Summit Creative Awards. Scrabble tiles in the shape of gingerbread cookies set a nostalgic mood and deliver "Triple Good Wishes" for the holiday season to our clients and friends. Mailed cards and emails invite recipients to view our Scrabble party video, which festively amplifies the edible Scrabble theme.

The "icing" on the FaLaLa cookie tiles is dimensionally coated to provide depth and a texture that contrasts with the burlap background. A select list of clients and friends received a limited-edition Nostalgic Scrabble game, a boxed set of FaLaLa cards with envelopes, FaLaLa postage stamps, all packaged in a burlap tote bag trimmed with a hand-iced gingerbread cookie featuring Impagination’s red and white logo.

"The FaLaLa holiday card was our best greeting this year. It is a throwback to an innocent time when families played board games by the fire. The square shape, like a Scrabble tile, attracted others to read it. Even with the cost of cards and stamps, this one is well worth receiving!” Jacqueline Thompson, Edward Jones

“Showing appreciation to our friends and fans with a mailed holiday greeting is Impagination’s tradition. In 2001 we added an email greeting to our holiday campaign and deployed our first online Great Greeting™ Survey. Recent survey results reveal that video or motion increased engagement. In 2014 with the help of our pals at Plexman Photography we created our first YouTube holiday greeting to round out the multi-media campaign.” Laural Carr, Impagination, Creative Business Development Director

If you want your client appreciation to pack a punch anytime of the year, we can help. To book a consultation to see our hand-selected collection of unique corporate greetings, contact Laural Carr at info@impaginationinc.com, 416.538.3330 or 1.877.538.3330. Or visit our website to learn more about Great Greetings™.

Happy Holidays!